Our powerful workshop is now available virtually and in-person. In it, singers apply the Meisner technique to song and experience untapped freedom emotionally and vocally. All workshops can easily be tailored to fit various groups' sizes and needs.

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Nancy Allen,

Belmont University

"I was most impressed by Jillian's connection with each student as she worked with them and by her command of the space. Everyone felt safe, confident, and ready to work. My colleague told me afterwards that Jillian's workshop was the best use of Meisner he'd ever seen for musical theatre."

K. Woodzick,

Univ. of Colorado Boulder

"Jillian is a profoundly compassionate & impassioned instructor. She empowered my students to access deep emotional authenticity within minutes. Any actor working at any level will find Jillian and her work an invaluable addition to their toolkit, as both a performer and educator."

Brian Osborne,

Reinhardt University

"Jillian showed my musical theatre majors how to apply this technique in such a nurturing, challenging, and engaging workshop. She emphasized trusting your preparation while being present in the moment and she used her acute power of observation to address each individual.  All this in the virtual medium, which was really remarkable."

Frankie Shin,

Gregg Baker Mgmt.

"Meisner in Music is the missing puzzle piece to being successful in the room. It allows you to stand out of the vast crowd, showcasing the truth and honesty to the story you are telling through song. The moment you step into Jillian's workshop, you will know you are taking the right steps towards bettering your craft, brand, and overall career."

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