Teacher Training

Through our 6 Week Teacher Training, observe weekly classes, gain access to our 12 Week Online Course, and coach individually with Jillian Paige on teaching techniques, developing your curriculum, and exploring how to incorporate the freeing Meisner technique into song.

What our Teacher Training Includes

  • 6 Weeks of Class Observation

    Teachers will pick one of our six sections of class to observe throughout their 6 weeks of Teacher Training.


    In each class, we explore:

    • Incorporating the freeing Meisner technique into song

    • Tools that allow singers to rely on their acquired vocal techniques and trust in their bodies' abilities

    • Mindset shifts that move singers away from stifling self consciousness to truthful presence

  • Our 12 Week Online Course

    Teachers will receive our Online Course, which consists of 12 weekly video lessons and accompanying texts.


    The course covers our curriculum including:


    • Research & tools that allow singers to trust themselves as both musical technicians & impulsive actors

    • In-depth explanations of the Meisner technique

    • Steps to combine the challenging task of singing with mastery while honoring spontaneity

  • 3 Individual Coachings with Jillian Paige

    Teachers will meet biweekly with MiM founder Jillian to discuss what they observed in class and go over four weeks of the Online Course at a time.

    Coaching emphases are dependent on each individual's needs & range from:

    • Teaching techniques

    • Business strategy and studio growth

    • Psychosomatic tools and application of the Meisner technique

What our Teachers Say

  • "I just finished MiM's 6 Week Teacher Training Program and I have to say, it was a real eye-opening experience.

    To see how Jillian has implemented using Meisner’s foundational work…it was wonderful to see how, the moment before someone was starting to sing, they lead into their song with such a full, rich life, it was really great to watch. Everybody who signs up for this program is very, very fortunate.

    -Jodi Stevens


  • "I am so glad I did the Meisner in Music Teacher Training.

    Not only have I learned so much from observing Jillian teach her technique, but Jillian also worked with me one on one to help me figure out my own unique style of teaching, pinpointed with me what my goals as an artist and entrepreneur would be, and, most of all, became such a supportive mentor and friend to me. If you're a person who is looking to start their own business, Jillian is an incredible resource! I am so grateful for my time with her and MiM."

    -Allie Tamburello


  • "In all of my class observations throughout the 6 Weeks of Teacher Training, the most common theme was the power of simple, truthful work.

    This is Meisner to me. I left Teacher Training with a passion for everything Meisner has to offer voice students, especially the concept that ‘the truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.’ I can’t wait to see where this training leads me in my professional life as a teacher and singer.”

    -Andrea Marie Bush


Limited spots available.

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