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Helping singers to live in the moment, trust in their voices,

& know that               are enough.


the corner...

Feb 27th - Mar 25th

Our next round

of weekly classes


Take class with us in NYC or from anywhere in the world for 4 weeks of intimate classes with artists from all walks life with varying levels of Meisner knowledge and musical pursuits.

Mar 20th-

Mar 25th:

Free Audit Classes


Interested in what we do but want to try it out before committing? Free audit classes are available for those who are interested in taking with us in the upcoming month!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month:

Free Book Club

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Join us biweekly from 3:30-4:30pm ET to discuss The Sanford Meisner Approach: Workbook One and enjoy insights from fellow Meisner-curious people from around the world!

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What is 

Singing or playing an instrument can put us in our heads.

While making music often involves technical prowess and left-brained analysis,

acting & being in the moment requires vulnerability and right-brained artistry.

The great acting teacher Sanford Meisner said that

“thinking has no part in this process.”

Can truthful storytelling & musical finesse coexist

and could Meisner be the link?

Meisner in Music teaches artists to stay out of their heads

by trusting themselves in the moment.

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It allows musicians to

  • Act on impulse rather than editing and over-thinking

  • Cease worrying about sound and have confidence in their technique

  • Trust that they are enough and focus out, not in

or learn

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an applicable toolset,

"For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."

-Kyle Hughes

a trauma-informed space,

"This class was the first time in a long time where I was able to let my guard down and be 100% honest in my acting."

- Madeline Metzger

& a path to falling back in love with singing or playing.

"I didn’t expect for performance to finally feel easy again."

- Corey Blake Todd

We are

accredited by the International Meisner Institute.

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Endorsed by the Meisner Estate, the Meisner Institute has certified Meisner in Music as a Designated Meisner Class that upholds Sanford Meisner’s legacy of 60 years of developing this “step-by-step approach to train actors - simple, direct, and effective.”


strive to be

We consistently

Equitable & Inclusive

At Meisner in Music, we believe that the Western tradition of musical theatre and classical music has, for far too long, been dominated by White, cisgendered, able-bodied people. In an attempt to provide equity to those who have been historically excluded by this tradition, we offer 40% off of any online class through our Equity & Inclusion Scholarship (open to all who feel that they qualify) as well as competitively-priced in-person classes (currently approximately half of the price of comparable classes in NYC) in an attempt to be as affordable as possible for any artist who feels called to this work.


Meisner work can be exposing. To help artists access emotional vulnerability while maintaining agency, we strive to consistently uphold the principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach: safety, trustworthiness and transparency, peer support, collaboration and mutuality, empowerment, voice, & choice, and cultural, historical, and gender issues. In our studio, some examples of what this looks like are student-lead coachings, asking questions more than asserting definitive answers, and remaining curious and aware rather than judgmental and catastrophizing. For more information on our work in trauma-informed singing and musicianship, head here.

Ways to

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Take our 12 Week Online Course to study at your own pace. Enjoy weekly video lessons, an accompanying course workbook, & a daily guided practice log as you sink your teeth into our curriculum.


Weekly Group


Join one of our intimate Online or In-Person Classes to apply the Meisner technique to your singing or playing with other open-hearted artists.

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Schedule a private coaching online or in-person with one of our teachers to gain Meisner tools that are specific to your immediate goals.

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Work with Us

performing artist:

If you're a

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teaching artist:

If you're a

6 Week Teacher


Take part in our Teacher Training to apply Meisner in Music to your teaching! Observe classes, coach individually with Jillian, and gain access to our 12 Week Course with this 6 week intensive.




Bring Meisner in Music to you! Host a virtual or in-person Meisner in Music Workshop to help your students gain tools to get out of their heads while singing with freedom.

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Singing Intensive

Want to know more about how trauma can impact the voice? Take our Trauma-Informed Singing Intensive that includes 5 specialists and 10 hours of seminars & discussions on this crucial conversation in the arts.

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Imani Pearl Williams
Broadway's 1776

"A huge priority for me after the pandemic  was to only be involved in safe spaces. MiM provided me with just that! Working on challenges that were specific to me in a way that felt safe and fun was so needed. I highly recommend bringing your voice, heart, & most authentic self to their space!"

Sami Abu Shumays
Coauthor of Inside Arabic Music

"I credit Meisner in Music for helping me develop presence and the ability (and willingness) to embrace whatever is happening in the moment. I still notice my flaws, of course - but I no longer judge myself for them. After a lifetime of musical training, this is now where I am progressing and learning the most."

Anna Laurenzo
The Metropolitan Opera's Hamlet

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs! It allows a singer to unlock the truths about their music, frees them from feeling focused on technique, and allows the authentic voice and message to flow through."

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