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Hone the habit of presence

with flexibility for your schedule.


"We created the MiM Gym because it’s what I wanted in a class.

When life is busy, I don’t necessarily need a weekly class with a longterm commitment, but a place to sharpen my skills and allow a trusted teacher to help me tap into my potential. Thus, we give you: MiM Gym. The affordable, flexible way to develop and hone your toolset for embodiment and presence in song."

-Founder Jillian Paige

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The Experience 

MiM Gym offers artists the tools of the transformative Meisner in Music technique within a flexible format.

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MiM Gym provides a unique and flexible approach to Meisner in Music classes. Participants can sign up for two classes per month, similar to workout classes, and have the freedom to cancel or reschedule with 24 hours' notice.

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Access for All

MiM Gym welcomes both newcomers who want to get acquainted with Meisner and experienced artists who want to sharpen their toolsets. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned performer, a singer or an instrumentalist, MiM Gym caters to all skill levels and types.

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Personalized Attention

Classes are capped at just 9 students with each participant receiving ample individual work time with personalized guidance and feedback, and the option to record their session.

Class Structure


  • Warm welcome and check-in

  • Opportunity for participants to share their goals or questions for the session


  • Suss out how the idea that "I am safe, full, and enough" is feeling that day and prepare the mind and body for a session full of play

Group Meisner Work

  • Engaging group activities to develop presence and authenticity

  • Emphasis on connecting with emotions and living fully in each moment

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  • Note: Class structure may vary slightly depending on individuals’ goals for each session. The focus remains on exploring what each artist desires to work on, fostering authentic expression, and providing a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for all.

Solo Work Sessions

  • Each participant receives ample personalized work time to perform a song of their choice.

  • Individual coaching and feedback from the instructor to enhance vocal technique and emotional expression.


  • Reflection on the class experience and key takeaways

  • Open floor for any additional questions or clarifications

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Image by Paul Green

Collaborative Space & Recording Option

🎹 Artists have the option to bring a backing track or perform a cappella during class, allowing them to work in the way that feels most comfortable to them. With the convenience and familiarity of having class in their own space, participants can immerse themselves in a supportive environment that encourages everyone's best artistic expression.

📲 Participants have the option to record their individual work session with piano accompaniment for personal review and public sharing.

Flexibility & Scheduling

📆 MiM Gym offers flexibility, allowing artists to sign up for any two classes per month, similar to how one would sign up for a package of pre-purchased fitness classes.


⏱ Artists always have the option to cancel or reschedule classes with 24 hours' notice.


🪁 Unlike our Core Class that requires a 12 week commitment, the MiM Gym is a month-to-month commitment with the option to cancel at any time.

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  • We believe in teaching technique, not just tips and tricks. Through MiM Gym's flexible classes, artists can gain applicable tools that may be applied well beyond their time in class.

  • Its month-to-month commitment makes MiM Gym a flexible option for artists who want to take Meisner in Music within their busy schedules.

  • MiM Gym is priced at $95 per month, making it one of the most accessible acting-through-song class options in NYC.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion scholarships are available for those who have been historically excluded from and silenced by Western classical music and North American musical theatre.

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Wrapped Stone

Adam White (he/him) holds a

Bachelors of Music Theatre from Oklahoma City University and is a graduate of the MiM Teacher Training program. As an academic artist, Adam applies his research on the psychology of emotions, embodiment practices, and trauma-informed leadership in his teaching. He believes that his role as a teacher is not only to aid students in finding freedom in their work, but to find greater freedom and worthiness

within themselves.

Adam White

Meet Your


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We would love to work with you.

Join us this upcoming month to experience the transformative power of Meisner in Music in its most flexible form.

Savannah Lobel

"Meisner in Music's supportive and loving environment creates a safe space for all actors that allows us to spread our wings and leave self judgements at the door. It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous

freedom and liberation."

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