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Monthly Classes
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Rediscover your love of singing, trust your impulses, and find uninhibited presence in both performance and life.

Our rolling four week sections of classes are intimate, connected spaces where all genres of music and levels of ability are welcome. Whether artists take class with us for one month or stay for several, they can expect to gain a knowledge of an actual technique, not just tips and tweaks, to get out of their own ways while making music and trust their bodies, voices, and impulses in the moment.



What you'll receive

Upon registering, artists receive:

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Once a Week Classes

Students choose a home class to attend once a week. The classes alternate from a 1.5 hour Meisner technique class the first and third weeks of the month and a 2.5 hour singing application hour singing application class the second and fourth weeks of the month.


Communal Support

From weekly online book clubs to monthly in-person happy hours, we strive to give Meisner in Music artists not just a class, but a community. Support, inclusivity, and connectesness are at the forefront of our focuses in and outside of classes.


Technique Tailored to You

Whether students have had extensive Meisner experience or none at all, we meet each student where they are. With our rolling format, students learn both individually at their level and from others at all levels. Our class sizes being capped at 9, ensures students ample individual work time and personalized attention.

Where, When, & How

Where We Are

We meet on Zoom each week and our students call in from anywhere in the world!


When We Meet

Our online classes meet on (all times in ET, New York local) Wednesdays at 7:00pm, Thursdays at 3:00pm, and Saturdays at 1:00pm. The classes alternate weekly between a 1.5 hour technique class the first and third weeks of the month and a 2.5 hour singing class the second and fourth weeks of the month. If a student has a conflict, they may always do a makeup class in another section with 24 hours' notice of their anticipated absence.


How Rolling Classes Work

Once registered, students may stay in class for as little as four weeks and as long as they feel called to. They may take a break from class at any time and return within 6 months at their original rate.

What to Expect

Opening Reflection & Lesson

We begin each class with a meditation and acceptance of ourselves, just as we are that day. In Meisner, nothing has to be left at the door - literally and figuratively. We then launch into group reflections and a prepared lesson on whatever we're working on that weeks. Lesson subjects range from the Meisner & acting to psychology and science surrounding the voice to the spiritual and emotional aspects of singing.

Our class format is:


Putting it into Play

After our group connection, we play. In our 1.5 hour Meisner technique classes, students work with partners on repetition and the Meisner exercise that we're building upon that week. In our 2.5 hour singing application classes, students sing either accompanied by our pianist, a cappella, or with their own instruments, and work on the week's technical focus in a one-on-one session with their teacher.

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Joyful Closing & Homework

It is important that in a space where we may go deep and sometimes dark, we exit full and with some light. We close each class by sharing joys and celebrations of the week. Optional homework and journal prompts are given and we go off into our weeks, hopefully better than we came.


About Your


Jillian (she/her) is the Founder of Meisner in Music and holds a Master of Music Theatre degree from Oklahoma City University. With years of classical training and experience


Jillian Paige Commercial Close.jpg

writing about psychology and the voice, Jillian approaches her classes with deep empathy and a technical ear. Her specialty is helping singers get out of their heads and in touch with their bodies with patience and research-based insight.

Thursday 3:00pm class


Adam White (he/him) holds a Bachelors of Music Theatre from Oklahoma City University and is a graduate of the Meisner in Music Teacher Training program. As an academic artist, Adam applies his


interest in research on the psychology of emotions, embodiment practices, and trauma-informed leadership in his teaching. He believes that his role as a teacher is not only to aid students in finding freedom in their work, but to find greater freedom and worthiness within themselves.



Saturday 1:00pm Class

Our Upcoming


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What's Inside
  • Who should take Meisner in Music?
    Artists should take this class if they're looking to reconnect with their bodies while they perform, trust their instruments, and find presence and joy in the art of making music. Many of our students come to us after feeling stuck in their musical performances, overwhelmed from classical training, exhausted by the industry, or wanting to take their crafts to the next level.
  • What is the Meisner technique?
    "I'm a very nonintellectual teacher of acting. My approach is based on bringing the actor back to their emotional impulses and to acting that is firmly rooted in the instinctive. It is based on the fact that all good acting comes from the heart, as it were, and that there's no mentality in it." - Sanford Meisner As musicians, we’re in our heads enough as it is. The aim of Meisner in Music is to equip artists with a technique that centers them in the present moment, shifts the focus off of themselves and into their instincts, and allows them to enjoy moments of musicianship again.
  • I’ve never taken Meisner. Would your classes be a fit?
    Absolutely! Our students range from Meisner newbies to seasoned pros. Whether you’ve had zero Meisner training or years of it, we have faith that you will benefit from our classes.
  • Do I need any prior acting experience to join the classes?
    No prior acting experience is required. Our classes welcome individuals at all levels, and while Meisner is an acting technique, its tools guide us more toward presence in every moment of life, not just ones that are in a performance.
  • Would I be the only beginner in my class?
    Our classes include all levels so you will likely be among other beginners as well as students who have been with us for varying lengths of time. We meet each student where they are and go slowly and deliberately. Whether you're new to Meisner or a seasoned pro, we'll cater your individual work to you and make sure that you get the most out of your class.
  • Can I audit a class?
    While we don't open our classes for audits, we do have free consult calls to see if Meisner in Music would be a fit for your needs. You may book a call by going to any offering's page.
  • Should I be a professional musician to join your classes?
    No. While many of our students are pursuing music careers professionally, you don't need to consider yourself a professional musician to join our classes. The Meisner in Music technique is more about embodiment and tapping into your voice's natural abilities so all levels of experience are welcome. Our classes are designed to nurture your artistic expression so come as you are and let us guide you on an enriching journey of musical discovery!
Opera Singer

"Meisner in Music qualmed my fears about feeling pressured and judged in a class with other actors. This class stressed authenticity and embracing every single thing about yourself and your environment, which cracked me open and gave me permission to let go of perfectionism, suppression, and facades. After taking this class, I am addicted to the feeling of being this

open and aware."

- Lauren U.

"Meisner in Music's supportive and loving environment creates a safe space for all actors that allows us to spread our wings and leave self judgements at the door. It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous

freedom and liberation."

- Savannah L.

Meisner is not just an acting technique,
it's a psychosomatic tool
to help singers with

"Meisner in Music introduced me to performing without stage fright. For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."

- Kyle H.

audition anxiety,

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs. It frees them from feeling focused on technique and allows the authentic voice to flow through. I was surprised by the amazing benefits it actually brought to my voice!"

- Anna L.

vocal freedom,
& performance

"Meisner in Music helped me gain a new sense of trust in myself and love of art and performance. I didn't expect for performance to finally feel easy again."

- Corey T.

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