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The Online Course

Rediscover your love of singing, trust your impulses, and find uninhibited presence in both performance and life.

You fell in love with singing for a reason.

But if life has made you feel like

you once loved singing but now dread it,

anytime you sing for others, it becomes more about vocal tricks than human truths,

your vocal training has gotten you further in your head,

this course was created for you.

Our online 12 week course is for the self-starter and the go-at-your-own-pace learner. Our parallel membership for the course allows students to apply the work in real-time and get individualized feedback.

Opera Singer

"Meisner in Music qualmed my fears about feeling pressured and judged in a class with other actors. This class stressed authenticity and embracing every single thing about yourself and your environment, which cracked me open and gave me permission to let go of perfectionism, suppression, and facades. After taking this class, I am addicted to the feeling of being this

open and aware."

- Lauren U.

- Savannah L.

"Meisner in Music's supportive and loving environment creates a safe space for all actors that allows us to spread our wings and leave self judgements at the door. It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous

freedom and liberation."

Meisner is not just an acting technique,
it's a psychosomatic tool
to help singers with

"Meisner in Music introduced me to performing without stage fright. For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."

- Kyle H.

audition anxiety,

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs. It frees them from feeling focused on technique and allows the authentic voice to flow through. I was surprised by the amazing benefits it actually brought to my voice!"

- Anna L.

vocal freedom,
& performance

"Meisner in Music helped me gain a new sense of trust in myself and love of art and performance. I didn't expect for performance to finally feel easy again."

- Corey T.

What's Inside

Weeks 5 - 8

In the second four weeks, singers will delve into emotional preparation, learning how to:


- "Pinch themselves"


- Prepare outside the door


- Remain focused and in the moment


-Reroute themselves back to the present moment when their brains or voices go wayward

In the first four weeks, singers will learn to:


- Act before they think


- Own their opinions


- Trust their impulses


- Safely uncover their emotional wounds

Weeks 1 - 4

Weeks 9 - 12

In the final four weeks, singers will discover how to:


- Apply the work in their practice


- Navigate technically difficult passages


- Prepare a character


- Trust their voices

Learn to free your voice, acting, & spirit with
12 weeks of video lessons taught by Meisner in Music creator Jillian Paige & your own
Weekly Practice Log & Course Workbook.
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