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Elevate your skillset & give your students the gift of presence in performance with the Meisner in Music technique.

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"Teacher Training has become one of my favorite things that I get to do within Meisner in Music because of the connection, shared learning, and continuous development I get to engage in with teaching artists from around the world. Whether you’d prefer the self-paced option or the additional live cohort, I lovingly crafted all aspects of our Teacher Training with you and your students in mind. I so hope that this technique speaks to you in the way it did to me and that teaching it feels good as exhilarating as learning it does.

- Founder Jillian Paige

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How it Works

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Begin the 12 Week Course

  • ​​Learn the Meisner in Music curriculum at a self-guided pace

  • Absorb insights on the technique with 12 weekly video lessons taught by Jillian Paige

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Follow with Guided Practice

  • Apply the technique on your own with a detailed workbook

  • Allow the tools to sink in as habits with the 5-days-a-week guided practice log


Observe the Teaching in Action

  • Gain lifetime access to a library of teaching videos

  • Observe Jillian instructing singers of varying levels of experience with Meisner apply the tools that you've learned 


Receive your Certificate

  • Upon finishing, you'll be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a badge for your website as a testament to your proficiency in Meisner in Music, further enhancing your credentials as a well-rounded teaching artist.

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Live Monthly Cohort 

Enjoy collaborative learning with twice-monthly sessions and professional endorsement, allowing you to actively engage with other teachers, practice on students, and take part in the ever-developing Meisner in Music technique.

Open Forum

👥 Connect with Founder Jillian Paige and fellow cohort members in a monthly meeting that fosters insightful teacher-to-teacher discussions, question exchanges, and a collaborative environment for pedagogical growth.

👩🏻‍🏫 Enhance your teaching prowess through a teaching practice session, working with volunteer students. Receive real-time feedback from Founder Jillian Paige to refine your teaching techniques.

Teaching Practice

🌟 Cohort members gain the ability to utilize our logo in promotional materials. Showcase your association with Meisner in Music as a "Meisner in Music-endorsed" class or teacher, enhancing credibility and visibility within the industry.

MiM Endorsement 

Dressing Room

& Scheduling

⏱ Teacher Training

  • Join our self-guided Teacher Training program at your convenience. Begin your journey whenever it suits you best.

  • Enjoy lifetime, unrestricted access to course materials. Revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you desire.

📆 Live Cohort

  • Our collaborative cohort begins at the start of each month with sessions carefully scheduled to suit the majority's availability.

  • If you're unable to join a session live, you can submit questions ahead of time and receive recordings, ensuring that you won't miss valuable insights.









  • Who should take Meisner in Music?
    Artists should take this class if they're looking to reconnect with their bodies while they perform, trust their instruments, and find presence and joy in the art of making music. Many of our students come to us after feeling stuck in their musical performances, overwhelmed from classical training, exhausted by the industry, or wanting to take their crafts to the next level.
  • What is the Meisner technique?
    "I'm a very nonintellectual teacher of acting. My approach is based on bringing the actor back to their emotional impulses and to acting that is firmly rooted in the instinctive. It is based on the fact that all good acting comes from the heart, as it were, and that there's no mentality in it." - Sanford Meisner As musicians, we’re in our heads enough as it is. The aim of Meisner in Music is to equip artists with a technique that centers them in the present moment, shifts the focus off of themselves and into their instincts, and allows them to enjoy moments of musicianship again.
  • I’ve never taken Meisner. Would your classes be a fit?
    Absolutely! Our students range from Meisner newbies to seasoned pros. Whether you’ve had zero Meisner training or years of it, we have faith that you will benefit from our classes.
  • Do I need any prior acting experience to join the classes?
    No prior acting experience is required. Our classes welcome individuals at all levels, and while Meisner is an acting technique, its tools guide us more toward presence in every moment of life, not just ones that are in a performance.
  • Would I be the only beginner in my class?
    Our classes include all levels so you will likely be among other beginners as well as students who have been with us for varying lengths of time. We meet each student where they are and go slowly and deliberately. Whether you're new to Meisner or a seasoned pro, we'll cater your individual work to you and make sure that you get the most out of your class.
  • Can I audit a class?
    While we don't open our classes for audits, we do have free consult calls to see if Meisner in Music would be a fit for your needs. You may book a call by going to any offering's page.
  • Should I be a professional musician to join your classes?
    No. While many of our students are pursuing music careers professionally, you don't need to consider yourself a professional musician to join our classes. The Meisner in Music technique is more about embodiment and tapping into your voice's natural abilities so all levels of experience are welcome. Our classes are designed to nurture your artistic expression so come as you are and let us guide you on an enriching journey of musical discovery!
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What Teachers Say

Iman Nadeem
Robert Wesley Mason
Dan Ansaldo
Andrea Bush
Jodi Stevens

Allie Tamburello

Your Authentic Voice Studio

"Not only have I learned so much from observing Jillian teach her technique, but Jillian also worked with me one on one to help me figure out my own unique style of teaching and became such a supportive mentor and friend. I am so grateful for my time with her and MiM."


We would love to work with you.

Elevate your teaching skillset with the Meisner in Music Teacher Training. Empowered instruction and collaborative community await!

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