Our story


with Meisner in Music founder

Jillian Paige realizing that

something was missing.

     Jillian had trained for several years as a classical vocalist and like many singers, even though she loved singing, when she’d open her mouth to create music, she felt herself go into a headspace that was technical, rigid, and self-critical instead of free.

     She began taking Meisner after getting her Masters in Music and was instantly hooked. Jillian fell in love with the ideas that her natural instincts were enough, that she didn’t have to force anything, and that if she focused solely on her imaginary circumstances, she could get out of her head and her own way.

But singing was a different story.

     Jillian was thrilled at how Meisner was revolutionizing her acting through text but still wanted to understand how the instinct, behavior, and authenticity she had discovered could also live in her musical performances.


How does one give 100% to both

singing and acting simultaneously?

Jillian created Meisner in Music

and the rest is history.

For the last five seasons, Meisner in Music has been helping students to incorporate the freeing Meisner technique into song,

staying out of their heads by singing into the moment.


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