Our story


with Meisner in Music founder

Jillian Paige realizing that

something was missing.

     Jillian had trained for several years as a classical vocalist and like many singers, even though she loved singing, when she’d open her mouth to create music, she felt herself go into a headspace that was technical, rigid, and self-critical instead of free.

Black and white portrait of sanford meisner

     She began taking Meisner after getting her Masters in Music and was instantly hooked. Jillian fell in love with the ideas that her natural instincts were enough, that she didn’t have to force anything, and that if she focused solely on her imaginary circumstances, she could get out of her head and her own way.

But singing was a different story.

     Jillian was thrilled at how Meisner was revolutionizing her acting through text but still wanted to understand how the instinct, behavior, and authenticity she had discovered could also live in her musical performances.


How does one give 100% to both

singing and acting simultaneously?

Jillian created Meisner in Music

and the rest is history.

For the last five seasons, Meisner in Music has been helping students to incorporate the freeing Meisner technique into song,

staying out of their heads by singing into the moment.

acting classroom with young acting students sitting in a semi circle
an acting class with a teacher in the front and two students facing each other sitting in chairs while other students watch
an acting studio class with a young teacher wearing white standing instructing the students sitting and listening
Image by Vonecia Carswell

Diversity & Inclusion


We at Meisner in Music acknowledge that  

Black, indigenous, people of color, trans artists, artists of marginalized genders, and artists with disabilities have helped to build and contribute to our society culturally, socially, and artistically while continuously being hidden in the background and not given the equity that they deserve. 


We care about making sure that these groups experience an overwhelming amount of generosity and kindness to share a fraction of the opportunities that need to be repaid. We hope that even the small contributions that we can make can be a pathway to opportunity, acceptance, and self-actualization.


We therefore believe that diversity, inclusion, and equity belong at Meisner in Music. This requires that we use scholarship, thoughtful hiring practices, and creating safe spaces for everyone to use their voices.  


We are committed to providing scholarships, elevating activism steps in our weekly newsletter, and encouraging safe spaces for the Meisner in Music community. 


In the coming year, we will strive to accomplish


  1. Holding recital fundraisers to assist organizations who believe in organization and inclusion

  2. Expanding our scholarship opportunities to be able to provide greatly reduced tuition to BIPOC, trans, non-binary singers and and singers with disabilities. 

  3. Offering a free monthly event for Black students to create art in a safe environment.

  4. Our CEO attending a weekly call to justice meeting with our understanding that diversity and inclusion begins at the top.

  5. Expanding our marketing practices in order to reach a wider audience.


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