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Online Classes to apply the Meisner technique to your singing with other open-hearted artists in a weekly class that fits your schedule.

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Take part in our Teacher Training to apply Meisner in Music to your teaching! Observe classes, coach individually with Jillian, and gain access to our 12 Week Course with this 6 week intensive.


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12 Week Online Course

Take our 12 Week Online Course to study at your own pace. Enjoy weekly video lessons, an accompanying course workbook, & a daily guided practice log as you sink your teeth into our curriculum.

Light Through Curtain

Helping singers to live in the moment, trust in their voices,

& know that               are enough.



Free Workshop

Fri, May 12th 3:00pm ET

Get to know MiM founder & teacher Jillian as she guides singers through putting to Meisner technique into song with her Free Workshop. mLike Sakile's workshop, everyone will participate, 2-3 volunteers will get to sing, and all who come will receive $100 off of our Summer Intensive.



June 7th - July 2nd

Take part in our four week Meisner in Music Summer Intensive!  Dive headfirst into this technique for a total of 36 hours three days a week to learn how to get out of your head, connect to your body, and bring joy back into your singing. Limited spots available!



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Diversity & Inclusion 

Our Commitment To

We at Meisner in Music acknowledge that Black, indigenous and people of color have helped to build and contribute to our society culturally, socially and artistically, while continuously being hidden in the background and not given the equity that is deserved. We care about making sure these groups experience an overwhelming amount of generosity and kindness to share a fraction of the opportunities that need to be repaid. Hopefully even the small contributions we can make can be a pathway to opportunity, acceptance, and self-actualization.

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Mission Statement & Actions

towards equity and reparations


What is

Singers are notoriously in our heads.

While acting requires vulnerability and right-brained artistry, singing requires technical prowess and left-brained analysis.


The great acting teacher Sanford Meisner tells us that

“thinking has no part in this process.”

Can truthful acting and beautiful singing coexist

...and could Meisner be the link?


a way out of your head,

"For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."

-Kyle Hughes,

NYC Actor, Singer, & Composer

a safe place to sing,

"This class was the first time in a long time where I was able to let my guard down and be 100% honest in my acting."

- Madeline Metzger

Actor, Singer, Dancer


& a path to falling back in love with singing.

"I didn’t expect for performance to finally feel easy again."

- Corey Blake Todd,

Tenor & Actor

Meisner in Music teaches singers to stay out of their heads

by singing into the moment.


Our class allows singers to

  • Act on impulse rather than editing and over-thinking

  • Cease worrying about sound and have confidence in their vocal technique

  • Trust that they are enough and that their connectedness to what they're focused on will speak for itself

Come join us to experience this game-changing technique

& create your most truthful acting in song.

or learn

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Savannah Lobel

"Meisner in Music is an amazing class that welcomes performers and artists of all backgrounds. It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous freedom and liberation."

Asante Gunewardena

"Meisner in Music helped me become a more dynamic performer by giving me tools to tap into my impulses. I've become more present onstage, allowing me to truly convey a message."

Anna Laurenzo

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs! It allows a singer to unlock the truths about their music, frees them from feeling focused on technique, and allows the authentic voice and message to flow through."

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Self-study Course


Online Class

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Take our 12 Week Online Course to study the technique at your own pace.

Join one of our intimate 

Online Classes to apply the technique with other open-hearted singers.


If you're an

Collegiate Workshops

Host a virtual or (pandemic pending) in-person Meisner in Music Workshop to help your students gain tools to get out of their heads while singing with freedom.

Teacher Training

Take part in our Teacher Training to apply Meisner in Music to your teaching! Observe classes, coach individually with Jillian, and gain access to our 12 Week Course with this 6 week intensive.

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Safe Place

to Sing

Sun, May 16th 6:00pm ET

Come sing or chill with us in our free monthly Safe Place to Sing Session!  Whether you'd like to try singing something new, dust off an old piece, or just provide support for others, we invite you to get a feel for Meisner in Music through this monthly open singing hour.