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Helping singers to live in the moment, trust in their voices,

& know that               are enough.


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In our course, students will gain the ability to put the incredibly freeing Meisner technique into song, leaving with tools to tell their most truthful stories through singing.

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In our virtual and in-person workshops, singers apply the Meisner technique to song and experience untapped freedom - emotionally and vocally.

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Work with Meisner in Music founder Jillian Paige to update audition repertoire, find fresh life in old songs or truthful behavior in new ones, and create flexibility through audition sides.

What is


Singers are notoriously in our heads.

While acting requires vulnerability and right-brained artistry, singing requires technical prowess and left-brained analysis.


The great acting teacher Sanford Meisner tells us that

“thinking has no part in this process.”

Can truthful acting and beautiful singing coexist

...and could Meisner be the link?


A way out of your head

"For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."


"It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous freedom and liberation." 


"Jillian's use of Meisner techniques calmed me down and set me in the present moment. I felt so flexible emotionally and vocally while I sang."

A path to fall back in love with singing

"I didn’t expect for performance to finally feel easy again."


"Sharing your story will be graced with new authenticity."


"After taking this class, I am addicted to the feeling of being this open and aware."

A safe place to sing

"Having a safe space to hone your craft is invaluable, and Meisner in Music provided me just that!"


"This class was the first time in a long time where I was able to let my guard down and be 100% honest in my acting."


"The supportive and loving environment creates a safe space for all actors that allows us to spread our wings and leave self-judgments at the door."

Meisner in Music teaches singers to stay out of their heads

by singing into the moment.

Our class allows singers to

  • Act on impulse rather than editing and over-thinking

  • Cease worrying about sound and have confidence in their vocal technique

  • Trust that they are enough and that their connectedness to what they're focused on will speak for itself

Come join us to experience this game-changing technique & create your most truthful acting in song.

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Our Alumni


For 7 seasons, Meisner in Music has been helping singers stay in the moment while honoring the music they perform.

Savannah Lobel

"Meisner in Music is an amazing class that welcomes performers and artists of all backgrounds. It gets you out of your head and into the world of your piece with tremendous freedom and liberation."

Asante Gunewardena

"Meisner in Music helped me become a more dynamic performer by giving me tools to tap into my impulses. I've become more present onstage, allowing me to truly convey a message."

Anna Laurenzo

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs! It allows a singer to unlock the truths about their music, frees them from feeling focused on technique, and allows the authentic voice and message to flow through."

Opera Singer

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