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Helping singers to live in the moment, trust in their voices,

& know that               are enough.

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What We


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Take for 2 weeks and gain the fundamentals




Next session begins March 13th.



Take for 12 weeks and dig deep




Next session begins March 19th.

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“A piano is a piano and a violin is a violin
but a voice is a person.”

- Peter Pears

As singers, we're often taught one set of tools in voice lessons and another in acting classes but left on our own to put the two together.

At Meisner in Music, we teach singers as whole human beings and seek to meld beautiful singing with heartfelt expression without sacrificing one for the other.




Sanford Meisner spent over 60 years developing a technique

that allowed actors to find presence, groundedness, and trust in themselves through a set of simplifying tools.

Meisner-trained actors include:

20 years later, Meisner   Music sought to bridge that gap.



Even with Meisner's great impact, after his passing in 1997, the question remained:

How could we take this freeing technique that emphasizes spoken text and working off of a partner and apply it to sung text that is often performed without a partner?

20 years later, Meisner   Music sought to bridge that gap.





While we initially created Meisner in Music to simply be an acting class for singers, we were amazed to find that

it could help artists with so much more.

Meisner  Music is a toolset that can assist with


Performance Anxiety

"For the first time, I could sing without an inner monologue of pressure and inferiority."

- Kyle Hughes

Presence & Embodiment

"MiM not only grounded me as an actor, it grounded me as a human being.

- Quiana Onrae'l Holmes

Trust in Technique

"I didn't expect for performance to finally feel easy again."

- Corey Blake Todd


The Pillars of Meisner  Music


Certified by the

Meisner Institute

Endorsed by the Meisner Estate, the International Meisner Institute has certified Meisner in Music as a Designated Meisner Class that upholds Sanford Meisner’s legacy of 60 years of developing this “step-by-step approach to train actors - simple, direct, and effective."

Diversity, Equity, &

Inclusion Scholarships

At Meisner in Music, we recognize the historical lack of representation and access within the arts that disproportionately affects marginalized communities. To help rectify this imbalance, we offer a 20% off of all our offerings to those who qualify with the aim of ensuring affordability and inclusivity to all. Claim yours here.



Meisner in Music is dedicated to providing singers as safe as space as possible to do work that can so often feel unsafe by consistently striving to uphold the principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach, which include safety, transparency, empowerment, and choice.

Ways to

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12 Week

Core Class

Take our 12 Week Core Class to study with a consistent group of open-hearted artists, go deep into the Meisner technique and your habits while singing, and finalize with a public performance.


Monthly Group


Join one of our intimate Online Classes to apply the Meisner technique to your singing or playing with other open-hearted artists.

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Schedule a private coaching online or in-person with one of our teachers to gain Meisner tools that are specific to your immediate goals.

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Work with Us

performing artist:

If you're a

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teaching artist:

If you're a

12 Week Teacher


Take part in our Teacher Training to apply Meisner in Music to your teaching! Observe classes, work through our curriculum, and gain lifetime access to our 12 Week Course and supporting materials.




Bring Meisner in Music to you! Host a virtual or in-person Meisner in Music Workshop to help your students gain tools to get out of their heads while singing with freedom.


Monthly Live


Join current and former teacher trainees for two monthly meetings that include an open forum to discuss the ever-developing Meisner in Music technique and a practice teaching session with volunteer students.

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Imani Pearl Williams
Broadway's 1776

"A huge priority for me after the pandemic  was to only be involved in safe spaces. MiM provided me with just that! Working on challenges that were specific to me in a way that felt safe and fun was so needed. I highly recommend bringing your voice, heart, & most authentic self to their space!"

Sami Abu Shumays
Coauthor of Inside Arabic Music

"I credit Meisner in Music for helping me develop presence and the ability (and willingness) to embrace whatever is happening in the moment. I still notice my flaws, of course - but I no longer judge myself for them. After a lifetime of musical training, this is now where I am progressing and learning the most."

Anna Laurenzo
The Metropolitan Opera's Hamlet

"Meisner in Music is what every singing actor needs! It allows a singer to unlock the truths about their music, frees them from feeling focused on technique, and allows the authentic voice and message to flow through."

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